Jacqueline Winspear

Welcome to the What Would Maisie Do? Community Page. You’ve arrived here either because you have a copy of What Would Maisie Do? or you’d like to join the conversation. This is a very simple gathering place, linked to a Facebook group where you can meet others who are creating their own “living document” of reflection based upon the pages of What Would Maisie Do? and the Maisie Dobbs series of historical novels. You can read about how it all began in the introduction to What Would Maisie Do?—but in short, as each new Maisie Dobbs book was published, so readers would ask me if I intended to publish a compendium of “Maisie’s wisdom.” In time a certain phrase kept cropping up, from readers who lived thousands of miles apart, and in different countries, and it amounted to this: “Whenever I have a problem, I ask myself, ‘What Would Maisie Do?’” In 2017, there came a tipping point—it was time for me to embark upon this creative endeavor. You can read more about the book's journey to creation here.

With its collection of passages from the books, together with my inspiration for each quote, followed by a question for you to respond to, What Would Maisie Do? emerged from my desire to create something colorful and appealing, something that would also inspire a different kind of reader engagement with the series. You’ll also see photographs of locations featured in the series, along with additional journaling pages—thus it becomes your living document, a reflection of your personal responses to what you’ve read.

This book may be used alone or in community with others—perhaps in a book club, or a gathering of friends who enjoy the series. You’ll find some guidelines regarding using What Would Maisie Do? in the introduction to the book.

But if you want to be part of a larger community reading and considering the passages in What Would Maisie Do?—then you have come to the right place. I will drop by every so often to join the conversation—but this is for you to exchange ideas, share stories and to enjoy some company along the way.

Thank you for joining the conversation!


What Would Maisie Do?

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